Horseback safaris

Have you ever wanted to explore the savannahs of Africa without being locked in a vehicle? Leave your minibus or your 4×4 and get on a horse…an exciting experience awaits you!

Besides the pleasure of being in the open air, horseback safaris offer exhilarating sensations of a real immersion in the world of wildlife. The horse will allow you to understand the “moods and sensations” offered by the bush in a much more original and memorable way, and lead you where the wheels could never lead you.

Wild animals generally exhibit surprising confidence with riders as they only see the frame, and not the one who climbs it! Horse riding times ranging from a half day to full day or more, allow you to combine the complete pleasures of riding with the discovery of large animals from Kenya and Tanzania. The guide, himself an experienced rider and connoisseur of wildlife, will introduce you to the secrets of the savannah. All necessary equipment for the ride will be provided on site.

Many ranches and private reserves, as well as community conservation areas now offer horseback safaris (half day to several days). Most are located on the Laikipia Plateau, which lies north of Mount Kenya in a magnificent beauty of unimaginable universe. Africa in all its splendor: the diversity of natural landscapes adds the richness of fauna, with the ‘Big Five’ and large herds of herbivores besides an abundance of birds.