How To Enjoy Your Kenya Safari Holiday

Being the home of adventure safaris, when the name “Kenya” is mentioned, many times it’s the abundance of nature that comes across one’s mind. The flora & fauna, the amazing landscapes, the vast range of wild animals, the rich culture & traditions that the country has to offer.

While going on a wildlife safari in Kenya is as exciting as it sounds, so many things could go so wrong! This is why it’s always important to take a few things into consideration to enjoy your Kenya Safari Holiday.

Going on a Safari, could therefore, be a very tedious affair especially if you’re flying in from another continent. Please read on to find out how you can get the best out of your safari and enjoy your holiday in Kenya.

African Savannah

1. The Tour Operator

It is crucial that you get everything sorted out with your tour operator before your safari commences. Being stranded at the airport for hours on end is not the greatest way to begin your safari; most especially since you will be exhausted after a long flight. Planning your safari with Safari World Africa guarantees you of your security and interests, ensuring that every single one of the details is followed to the letter, and that you are served with only the best in the Kenyan travel industry.

Cheetah with a kill

2.  The Big Five

While Kenya definitely has a sizable number of national reserves in which you can see the Big Five, some reserves & national parks just don’t have all the animals in one place. For Example, the Tsavo East and West all have the Big Five but sometimes visitors don’t always see all five of them. In as much as the idea of seeing the big five is exciting, it’s always important that you enjoy your safari and make the best out of it. Safari World Africa can help you plan ahead of the best national parks to visit on different seasons.

Lake Nakuru

3. In Style

A Kenya safari that is done with style could also translate to going up market, with endless possibilities such as opting to go on a horseback safari, choosing a fying safari by light aircraft instead of long and tiring road journeys. Camping provides you with the opportunity to authentically see Africa and experience the wild up-close & personal while also providing you with greater flexibility into the bushes, but with a professional guide. What could be more beautiful than waking up to see elephants drinking water from the nearest pond? You tell me.


Elephants Amboseli

4. What to Wear

It’s very important to put your dress code into consideration. You wouldn’t want to dress in an all black outfit while heading out to the Tsavo! This is why it’s crucial to confirm with your tour operator/agent beforehand so that you have the maximum comfort while on your safari. After booking your safari with us, we’ll advise you on suitable clothes to carry for your specific safari.

Sarara Camp

5. Caution in the Bush

While we understand that being in the bushes of the African wild can be exciting, it is worth noting that safety must be observed at all times. Plus, that’s the best way to get the most out of your safari and really enjoy it. Some of the rules to observe include but are not limited to the following;

  1. If you are in a tent: NEVER take food in there and always zip it.
  2. ALWAYS listen to your guide.
  3. OBEY all the safety rules and regulations in your camp.
  4. DO NOT sit on the roof of your safari vehicle.
  5. DO NOT provoke the animals, remember, they are WILD.

Masai Mara Air Safari

6. Enjoy Your Safari

Lastly, enjoy your safari! After all, that’s what you came here for, isn’t it?