“I have returned to China and began to work . But still sorely missed when traveling in Kenya. I want to thank you very much for your help and organization, let me have a wonderful trip, I believe should be a lifetime experience. I think I will have the opportunity to bring the family to travel to Kenya, of course, will choose your company”
Qin Wei Jie, China

“We reached home safely. We had a good time thanks to the excellent arrangements made by you. My family wishes to thank you for all your efforts. Mr Duncan was a great guide too. My children really enjoyed thanks to his lovely nature. Convey my regards to him”
Siddharth Kesarwani, Dubai

“We are safely back to China. Thanks for your company’s quality service, we spent a wonderful vacation in Kenya. We will recommend your good company to our friends around. When our kids grow up, we’d like to bring them to Kenya and hope to see you and Muli again!”
Michelle LU, China